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static & dynamic web design

Static & Dynamic Website Design Services

There are primarily two main sorts of the website – static and dynamic.

A static website is one that’s sometimes written in plain HTML and what’s within the code of the page is what’s flaunted to the user.

A dynamic website is one that’s written employing a server-side scripting language like PHP, ASP, JSP, or ColdFusion. In such a website the content is named in by the scripting language from alternative files or a info betting on actions taken by the user.

Managed Structure

We at DEO Technology develop a fully managed and optimized site for our clients. All the informational content such as video, images, or text are completely categorized and line up. 


Business Marketing

We offer a unique and completely different platform to our clients to promote their services and products. Deo Technology introduces your business to the world’s largest market.


Business LEads

The website designed with latest themes, original quality content and high defintion images & videos definitely attract more customers to your website. 

Merits and Demerits of static and dynamic websites

Static Website

Dynamic Website

Static sites - Advantages

Flexibility is that the main advantage of a static website – each page may be completely different if desired, to match the layout to entirely different content, and also the designer is free to place a different designs in a real designing work that a consumer might provoke distinctively on entirely different pages.

 It enables designers and author who want to create a unique theme for a unique website and its associated pages or maybe for a series of assignments, to match the duvet styles or the context of the sites.

Cost is usually lower up-front than a dynamic website.

Static sites - Advantages

The main advantage of dynamic sites is that by connecting them to databases, you can easily pull in data in a very managed and structured to obtain productive pages or categories of connected product sorted in the form of descriptive way depending on the desires of clients. 

It offers an ability to attach to info implies that you’ll conjointly produce a content management system (CMS) – An interface that permits the consumer to input and manages information via a web-based series of management pages. That content may be the text for his or her pages and pictures to travel in association with the text, or things in their product vary with classes, specifications, short and long descriptions, images, etc. In each case, it may be as easy or as complicated as per the consumer needs.

There are very little or no in progress prices unless there’s an amendment within the basic style or an additional capability.

Static sites - disadvantages

The main drawback with any static website seems once you want to update the content. Unless you’re familiar with HTML and also the style strategies used in the positioning of content, then you have got to go to the designer to own any content changes. It might be utterly fine for a replacement for complete design and content; however, if you wish to try to replace or correct some text then it may be a nuisance for both consumer and designer.

The second main drawback is measurability. If you want to sell the product on your website and you have got loads of them, then you will need to design individual pages for everyone, which may take your precious time, effort and price.

Costs – There are in progress prices for change the content.

Dynamic sites - disadvantages

The design of a dynamic website is additionally fastened than a static one as a result of several of the pages are primarily an example into that information and content is poured to form multiple pages of the same kind.

Therefore as an example, all of your product pages are going to be primarily fixed page layout with entirely different information displayed on the website whereas some customization capability may be in-built it’s sometimes quite restricted for few themes. Therefore, choosing from a group of pre-defined choices may be tough sometimes. Individual layout changes to specific pages aren’t sometimes possible.

Costs are higher at the start than for a static website, and extra designing can increase prices additionally. Significantly if it’s only one thing that wasn’t envisaged originally and needs re-writing of the core code or info.

Coaching Packages

Experience & Expertise In Web Design

Deo Technology has a team of expert designers having experience of more than 10 years. We can assure that the theme you we apply on your website are not eye catching but also have a good rate of conversion.

Cost-Effective Designing Solutions

We at Deo Technology Pvt. Ltd. provide a affordable website designing services. Our website designing services are not only cost effective but also fulfill our customer needs and their intention to the website. 

We Exceed Our Customer Expectations

Deo Technology always tries to meet its customers’ expectations and always works to provide farther than their expectations. Our business strategy is to build lifetime clients instead of making one time money. 

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